WhatsApp To Introduce The ‘Communities’ Feature For Groups

Published on 11 Nov 2021

There is rising evidence that WhatsApp is focusing on a Communities feature that would allow administrators to form different groups inside a bigger community.

The Communities feature looks to allow group managers greater control over groups, according to the latest statement published by the company. This includes the option to establish groups inside groups, which is identical to how channels are organized within a Discord community.

Administrators may be able to welcome new users using Community Invite Links and then begin texting other members.

The Look Of The New Feature 

It's difficult to know how these talks would look right now, but according to sources, they seem to be end-to-end encoded. It also seems like a modest design update will help differentiate Communities from other types of group chats. The community icons may be a square with rounded corners, which WhatsApp unexpectedly enabled (and then quickly deactivated) in October. There is no news on when Communities will be available.

WhatsApp may be attempting to bridge the growing gap between itself and rival messaging applications such as Telegram and Signal by developing a Communities feature.

Previously this year, WhatsApp's revised privacy policy confused consumers about how much it would disclose with parent firm Facebook, resulting in a large outflow to those other applications. When WhatsApp and Facebook's whole network of applications fell down last month, Telegram acquired a remarkable 70 million subscribers.

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An Overview of WhatsApp 

WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, currently has 1 billion users globally and is the most popular online communication software. Established in 2009 by ex-Yahoo workers, it began as a modest business and quickly grew to 250,000 subscribers, increasing so quickly that they had to introduce a fee for using the site each year to slow down the subscription rate. WhatsApp was bought by Facebook in 2014, and it has since grown to 1 billion users, achieving that milestone in July 2017.

WhatsApp is a free smartphone messaging program that may be downloaded. WhatsApp sends messages, photos, music, and video via the internet. The service is quite comparable to text messaging services; but, since WhatsApp utilizes the internet to deliver messages, it is substantially less expensive than texting. You could also use Whatsapp on your desktop pc by visiting the Whatsapp website and downloading the program for Mac or Windows. 


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