YouTube Releases Ad-Free Videos

Published on 08 Sep 2022

YouTube, Ad-Free Videos

The educational video makers and organizations using YouTube as a distribution platform will benefit from several new capabilities that YouTube is rolling out.

In a blog post published, YouTube announced the development of an embeddable video player for educational applications. The player will "prevent distractions" for users by removing advertisements, external links, and suggestions. It would probably be beneficial for students who use YouTube for education to have a player that does not use YouTube's recommendation system. This algorithm was developed to keep you viewing and to show you fresh stuff. For years, YouTube's recommendation system has been under fire for the ways in which it has been criticized for promoting controversial material and spreading false information.

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Not Accessible To Everyone

Only a restricted group of partners can access the ad- and recommendation-free player. These partners will include education technology businesses such as EDpuzzle and Google Classroom, as well as Purdue University and Purdue Global.

YouTube also made an announcement about new tools that would be available to creators who use the platform to publish educational material, including options for artists to charge viewers for access to their films. Beginning the next year, certain content providers will be able to develop "courses," essentially playlists of videos that audiences may access in either a free or paid capacity. If a viewer purchases a course, they will be able to see the material without being interrupted by advertisements and play the videos in the background as they do so. The United States and South Korea will be the first countries to get beta versions of the courses.

YouTube’s Quiz Tool

Last but not least, YouTube has unveiled a brand-new quiz tool that educational video producers may add to the community tab of their channels to generate further engagement with their viewers. The corporation will release the beta version of the quizzes in the next months. The function will be available to content producers early in the new year.

In recent years, YouTube has introduced several other initiatives and features centered around learning on the platform. These include a fund of twenty million dollars for creators who make educational videos and recommendation-free playlists for subjects such as mathematics, science, and music.


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