A Guide To Controlling Cloud Costs In A Research & Education Environment

Published on 01 Mar 2022

cloud costs

As most educational and research organizations have realized, cloud resource right-sizing is critical for avoiding cloud sprawl and optimizing performance and cost-efficiency. The problem is that they have no idea where to begin or how to properly apply a systematic and coordinated approach to rightsizing.

Oversized resources, for example, are a major cause of cloud waste. Maintaining constant alignment between workloads and performance requirements will help you better control the cost of cloud computing. An optimal balance between performance and cost is achieved by modifying resources.

It's important to remember that cloud cost management is more than just an operational issue. Gartner says that there must also be tight coordination with other disciplines such as product management; finance; governance; architecture; and application development.

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Keeping Cloud Computing Expenses In Check

The self-service model of cloud services makes it easy to spend more money than you had planned because of the ease with which they may be deployed and serviced. As a result, it is imperative that educational and research organizations keep precise records of cloud spending.

There will always be a degree of uncertainty connected with the utilization of the cloud because of its dynamic nature. In order to maximize your resources and prepare for future cloud spending, proper cloud management is vital. 

Estimating The Cost Is Hard

You can't double-check your invoices because of the cloud's complexity. In major academic institutions, decision-making is generally decentralized, which makes it difficult to keep track of expenditures.

This is where cloud cost optimization, also known as cloud cost management, comes in handy — it helps you keep track of your cloud expenditure by finding and reducing wasteful resources. By analyzing data and evaluating management policies, services may be resized to fit your needs.

Flexible And Cost-Effective

Researchers, professors, and students in academic institutions want a reliable, secure, and scalable cloud infrastructure. Flexible in an Orange Color

Designed for academic use, the engine is more efficient. Additionally, you only pay for the cloud resources that you really utilize. All of our pricing is clearly stated and may be predicted with certainty..

The Flexible Engine panel allows you to construct and delete pay-as-you-go virtual machines. Self-ordering and self-provision services may be managed using a management interface, which allows you to keep track of resources, consumption, and related expenses.

When it comes to GÉANT cloud, Flexible Engine is the best fit for the OCRE Cloud Framework.


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