Dell Specialized Devices Deliver Workforce Productivity Benefits

Published on 12 Jul 2021

White paper - Dell Specialized Devices Deliver Workforce Productivity Benefits

Dell commissioned Forrester to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study to analyze and understand potential cost and productivity benefits organizations may see by using their specialized devices, particularly what Dell refers to as Workstations and Rugged Devices. These are two types of specialized devices that are provided by Dell and can be used in extreme environments by employees to be more productive and deliver a better customer experience.  

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More about Dell's Specialized Devices:

1. Dell Workstations:

Dell provides specialized 'Workstations' that are high-performance systems. These devices make use of server-end processors, have a very high memory capacity, and are equipped with additional graphics capabilities. These specialized devices are used mainly for technical and scientific applications. They are available in a more traditional desktop, a rack mount, and a more portable mobile form factor. 

2. Dell's Rugged Devices

As suggested by their name, these are devices that are able to perform in rugged and tough environments. These are laptops and tablets that are capable of withstanding extremely high and low temperatures, can function in dusty, high moisture, and humid environments. They are also designed to be less prone to breaking from accidental drops.

What did Forrester's Study Find?

The organizations that were studied by Forrester were using suboptimal devices before they invested in these specialized devices. The use of suboptimal devices led to low efficiency and effectiveness. Applications were slow, the devices delivered unstable and unreliable performance. For example, battery life would not last for a long period of time. Or if the environments were extreme the devices would reach the end of their lifecycle much more quickly. The need to deal with multiple vendors and support various devices also places an increased burden on the organization's IT department.

This report will provide readers with a framework that will allow them to evaluate the potential impact of using Dell's specialized devices in their organizations. In order to get a better understanding of potential benefits, risks and costs, Forrester interviewed 5 midsize organizations that had been using Dell's specialized devices for years. Midsize organizations were defined as those with between 100 to 500 employees. Data from a survey of additional 700 organizations was supplemented to the data collected from the interviews.

What did Forrester's Study Find?

The study identified benefits in three categories:

  1. Gains in user productivity
  2. Improved customer experience
  3. IT cost savings

Download this white paper from to learn more about the benefits of using Dell's specialized devices and if this is the right choice for your organization.


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