Introducing the Now Platform

Published on 29 Jul 2020

The Digital Transformation Challenge

In the current scenario, digital transformation requires a lot of fundamental business changes so that companies can achieve operational agility and efficiency. A lot of this includes automating countess processes. Organizations end up relying on application development to help them with this automation, but their main challenge is the lack of resources and the constantly increasing backlog. One solution to this problem would be to implement a strategic application platform. This will help in democratizing the development and help companies build apps which will in turn automate the necessary processes across the organization.

The Solution

The Now Platform is a platform which helps companies build powerful apps at a quick speed that have no problems with connecting people and processes as well as delivering a lot of different business solutions for existing employees and customers. Companies are accelerating their automation processes across industries to future proof all their IT investments. This is being done by leveraging an ecosystem of innovation.

What You Can Do With the Solution

  • Companies can now build powerful workflow apps that will help them connect people and processes.
  • It becomes possible to automate any process and this results in a consistent, modern experience.
  • The applications are made to fit specific needs of each organization or to solve their unique business problems.

What’s in the Now Platform?

  • Security – Companies can secure themselves by default applications and other supporting application security and fulfill all their Identity plus Access Management (IAM) needs.
  • Core Services – There is support for Service Now SaaS apps as well as all other custom applications.
  • None to Minimal Code Development – The platform comes with development tools that require very little to no code to build apps.
  • Development Tools – The platform comes with a full suite that helps with app development to help increase the current speed of delivery.
  • Integration Services – It also comes with many integrations to simplify the import/export of data.
  • User Experience & Notification Services – The Now platform also delivers a mobile-first user experience for all employees. It also comes with a self-service portal. This simplifies how users get all notifications.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Now Platform simplifies all company processes and enables easy development of applications
  • It improves the user experience across all department in an organization
  • This enables acceleration of the digital transformation process in the company

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