Planet: Digital Agriculture in Asia-Pacific and Japan

Published on 06 Aug 2023

digital agriculture

Planet recently published a whitepaper titled "Digital Agriculture in Asia-Pacific and Japan," which delves into the pivotal role of digital technologies in addressing the intricate challenges faced by the agricultural sector in the region. The primary focus lies on rice production, an essential lifeline for the Asia-Pacific and Japan region, home to a staggering 56% of the global population. 

This region commands the production and consumption of more than 90% of the world's rice supply. However, the soaring demand for rice is projected to outpace production in numerous countries, thus propelling a pressing question: How can the current annual production of 524 million tonnes be augmented to reach 700 million tonnes by 2025, all while conserving land, water, manpower, and agro-chemicals? The answer lies in digital agriculture services’ capacity to bridge this impending gap.

Challenges and Transformation in Agriculture

The agricultural sector within the Asia-Pacific and Japan region stands at the crossroads of a massive digital transformation. The persistent repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic, intricate regulatory landscapes, land degradation, inflation, the specter of climate change, labor scarcities, threats to food security, and burgeoning population growth collectively impel the agricultural domain to adopt the mantra of "more with less" in a sustainable manner. 

Herein, digital agriculture emerges as a panacea. Remote sensing, artificial intelligence, deep learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are positioned as revolutionizing tools that facilitate more efficient, resource-friendly crop production while minimizing waste and environmental impact.

Planet's Role in Digital Agriculture Revolution

Planet's SuperDove satellite constellation is a lighthouse in this transformation. The constellation facilitates real-time monitoring and analysis by capturing daily imagery of the entire globe. This wealth of data empowers precision digital technology in agriculture, wherein data-driven decisions are made possible through remote sensing, AI, and IoT. This integration of technologies leads to the enhancement of sustainable agricultural practices and the dawn of a new era in digital agriculture.

Diverse Use Cases: From Food Security to Precision Farming

The whitepaper illuminates a spectrum of use cases illustrating how Planet's satellite data is harnessed within its partner ecosystem. These applications span various digital agriculture areas, from ensuring food security and validating government subsidies to precision farming and classifying smallholder farms. Each instance demonstrates Planet's data's adaptability and scalability in solving various agricultural challenges.

A Case Study: Revolutionizing Food Security Verification

A compelling case study emanates from Odisha, India's Food Supplies and Consumer Welfare Department, towards digital agriculture services. Their aim was to bolster food security and safeguard growers via a minimum support price system. However, voluntary self-reporting resulted in inaccuracies and financial waste. 

Enter remote sensing technology, championed by Planet's imagery, which validated claims and minimized fraud. Collaborating with Indian tech firm Theama created a system that streamlined verification, enhanced transparency, and saved time and resources, creating a new wave in the digital agriculture ecosystem.

Power of Collaboration for Sustainability

The paper highlights collaboration as the cornerstone of sustainable agriculture. It underscores the synergy between academia, industry, digital technology in agriculture stakeholders, and the public and private sectors. Planet's expansive, high-frequency data coverage and digital agriculture services acts as a conduit, fostering data-driven decision-making irrespective of geographical boundaries.

Nurturing Agriculture with Data

The whitepaper culminates by reinforcing Planet's commitment to providing accessible, actionable data. It synthesizes the monumental impact of digital agriculture in the Asia-Pacific and Japan region. 

These technologies have the potential to forge a path toward sustainable practices, augment food security, and stimulate economic growth. By ushering in collaborative efforts and data-driven solutions, the vision of a thriving, digitally empowered agricultural landscape in the region comes into sharper focus.


Download Planet's whitepaper to learn more about the digital architecture in Asia-Pacific and Japan and how to harness the power of satellite data and analytics.


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