Soul Machine Stokes Next - Generation AI Engines

Published on 21 Sep 2022

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With its Human OS platform, Soul Machines pioneers a new era of customized service. The firm intends to contribute to the democratization of the service sector by developing Digital PeopleTM, AI-based simulations that provide seamless interactions with end customers. To train machine learning and AI models, Soul Devices demands strong machines with quick, efficient graphics capabilities that are not limited by memory or processing power.

The business employed the HP Z8 G4 workstation with the Nvidia Rapids software package to pave the way for huge models, such as an in-house version of Facebook's BlenderBot, a machine-learning chatbot that ran on a single workstation. This was a crucial step in the transformation of the client experience.

The virtues of human-machine cooperation

Soul Machines has been a pioneer in the development of Digital

PeopleTM combines hyper-realistic computer-generated imagery and autonomous animation that creates human-like interactions for effective brand experiences across sectors globally.

Shane Blackett, Vice President of Software and Technology at Soul Machines, explains, "Our goal is to build Digital People to help democratize the service business so we can assist in education, medical, and other industries where individualized care is a crucial differentiator."

Soul Machines, headquartered in San Francisco with research and development facilities in Auckland, New Zealand, works with visionary customers that want a wonderful end-user experience.

"We want to move beyond that to the point where the digital person, the user, and the material on a website, for example, coexist in a three-way interaction where the digital person may propose something, the user may do something, or they may collaborate," Blackett explains. "We're conducting an AI-based simulation to offer authenticity and realism for the Digital People we're attempting to create on a scalable platform,"

Soul Machines has created a Human OS Platform with a patented Digital Brain that facilitates communication between humans and machines.

The firm develops several models, including AI, machine and associative learning, and other complicated solutions. Customers of Soul Machines range from financial institutions to manufacturers of consumer items. As one example, a digital representation for a big multinational CPG in Japan offers cosmetics online in Japanese and English.

Under the digital persona operate models trained to identify cognitive processes ranging from learning and perception to behavior. However, training and executing several AI-based and machine learning models and displaying these pictures demands an enormous amount of computing power, video memory, and graphics. The HP Z8 Workstation is available.

Alireza Nejati, Senior R&D Software Engineer at Soul Machines, whose team members work on the HP Z8, says, "We have a large number of memory-constrained training models." The quantity of Graphics (GPU) RAM available on a single system was a major deciding factor for us.


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