Consumers watched 12.2 billion minutes of video in 2020

Published on 06 Apr 2021

Wistia has released its state of video 2021 report. According to the company, consumers in 2021 watched 12.2 billion minutes of video. This is a 249% increase over the past 5 years from 3.5 billion minutes in 2016.

More about Wistia

Wistia is a world-leading video software and marketing company. It was founded in 2006 by Chris Savage and Brendan Schwartz. The company creates marketing software, video series, and educational content to support businesses that want to use videos to grow their business and brand. The company has over half a million business clients around the world and employees over 100 people.

The state of video in 2021

The report analyzed data Wistia has collected over the past five years about 44 million videos hosted on its platform. The report's findings and insights are based on data from over 500,000 accounts. The report is divided into five main sections:

  1. Video creation
  2. Video length
  3. Video engagement
  4. Video consumption
  5. Interactivity & conversions

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Key takeaways about video marketing in 2021

Businesses are uploading more videos

According to the report, the number of videos being uploaded to the platform has increased year over year since 2016. 2020, saw the highest growth with an 80% increase in video uploads compared to the previous year.

Businesses are embracing longer videos

The report examines the length of videos uploaded to Wistia's platform. Short-form videos lead in volume, with over 4.8 million videos uploaded that were shorter than 30 seconds. However, 30-60 minute long videos lead in terms of growth. The number of long-form videos uploaded to the platform grew by 140% when compared to 2019 and 446% when compared to 2016. This indicates that more businesses are taking advantage of long-form content like educational series.

Consumers are watching a lot more video

Wistia tracked the number of minutes consumers spent watching videos on their platform. The number has increased from 3.5 billion minutes in 2016 to 12.2 billion minutes in 2020. A significant 249% increased. The number of minutes watched grew year over year, however, the highest growth was seen in the year 2020 when total minutes watch increased by 88% compared to the previous year.

A clear conclusion one can reach from the report is that 2020 was a big year for video. The pandemic forced businesses and consumers around the world to change how they interact. Many businesses had to go digital. Marketers are using videos to engage with employees and customers who are spending more time at home. You can download the full state of video 2021 report here.

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