Ford's Mobile App With Automated Parking Capabilities?

Published on 07 Feb 2022

Ford App

Just a week ago, Ford's remote car app FordPass received an upgrade, and Electrek says that it now includes a series of picture files that hint at the possibility of a driverless parking assistance function.

"freeDriveBehind" and "freeDriveForward" are the filenames for the photos, which are stencil drawings of what seems to be an overhead view of a Ford F-150 Lighting with arrows pointing from the rear-back and the front-forward, respectively, of the vehicle.

The associated photographs depict a front view of the electric truck sandwiched between two Mustang Mach-Es, as well as a checkbox on an iPhone, which is a reasonably accurate portrayal of a driver-free parking function.

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What The New Update Could Offer

Ford wouldn't be out of character to refer to the function as FreeDrive, as the file names imply. It seems that the company's marketing staff prefers word mash-ups like BlueCruise, ActiveGlide, FordPass, PowerBoost, EcoBoost, EcoSport, and other similar combinations.

Remote parking offers a future in which people can park their cars in a small garage or parking area without having to worry about being stranded in their cabin. Hyundai has now released a Smart Park technology that allows you to park your car using just your key fob (aka Smaht Park).

Following The Path of Tesla?

Hyundai, Ford, and even RV manufacturers are following in the footsteps of Tesla's famous Summon function, a feature that allowed the vehicle to reverse itself out of a parking garage and into a driveway. In addition to accidents caused by the constantly beta Tesla software, the later-upgraded "Smart Summon" function, which is meant to come to you autonomously while evading pedestrians and shopping carts in a parking lot, also encountered issues during testing.

Ford has a far more cautious attitude to technology than most other companies. Due to a manufacturing delay, the Mustang Mach-E will not be equipped with Ford's next-generation advanced driver assistance system, BlueCruise. There is presently no signal as to when the smart parking option will be made available.


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