5 Reasons to Move to the Cloud

Published on 28 Aug 2020

How the Cloud Keeps Your Mobile Workforce Engaged

Your employees arrive at work carrying powerful computing devices connected to tools that simplify and enrich their personal lives. Do their professional lives get the same boost from the technology they use in your business every day? Businesses are increasingly driven by employee-related benefits when they incorporate personal devices into the workplace technology mix. A recent survey1 of tech professionals found that the top drivers for BYOD programs are enabling employee mobility, satisfaction and productivity


The top drivers for BYOD programs are enabling employee mobility, satisfaction and productivity

Providing your team members with cloud-based communications and productivity apps — accessible via smartphones, tablets and laptops — allows them to tackle work tasks using digital tools they are already familiar with. That eases user adoption and training issues for IT. But there are other good reasons to consider mobile tools powered by the cloud. They can help your business in these four ways:

  • Anywhere, anytime communication to quickly respond to customers, partners and co-workers. Communication tools that are at hand let employees alert each other to pressing challenges, move projects forward and resolve issues faster. Many already use a variety of ways to connect with friends and family — videoconferencing, screen sharing and instant messaging are as natural to them as email and voice calls. Having access to a range of business-ready modes of communication helps them do their jobs more effectively
  • Flexibility for employees to choose the best way to get the job done. Mobility-enabled workers can adjust workflows and tasks on their to-do lists and get them done in the right place at the right time. When employees are not tied to a specific location, it’s easier for them to stay productive while balancing multiple priorities in their lives. If employees can move tasks forward when they are away from the office, they are better able to juggle personal responsibilities that arise. Life happens, but that doesn’t mean work has to be derailed.
  • Opportunities for more productive teamwork. Fast access to timely, relevant information helps employees do their best work. The ability to share and edit one copy of a single document that is stored in the cloud — rather than, for example, emailing copies of files — makes it easier to quickly share everyone’s best ideas. Team members don’t lose time tracking multiple versions, but instead can work together using the most up-to-date information. That results in a more responsive organization — for customers, for business partners and for your internal teams.
  • A work environment that attracts — and keeps — talented people. Younger employees, more than any other group, may expect to use mobile technologies at work. In fact, a Pew Research Center study2 reports that 92 percent of adults aged 18 to 34 own a smartphone. Adopting cloud-based tools helps make your business more attractive to the next generation of workers. And employees of all ages want to keep their skills sharp by working with the latest productivity software. Providing cloud-based tools that are updated with current features ensures that your workplace offers them the opportunity for continued growth.

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