One and Done: Health IT That Does It All

Published on 03 May 2022

Health IT

The eye care industry is becoming more competitive. People may simply discover a new ophthalmologist or optometrist online and a rival optical store. This puts pressure on ophthalmic practices to not only provide the highest quality of treatment but also to be as efficient as possible and get patients in and out as soon as feasible. It is also essential that you increase access to your clinic and facilitate patient-provider contact in order to preserve patient connections between sessions.

It is also crucial that you increase access to your clinic and facilitate patient-provider contact in order to preserve patient connections between sessions. Moreover, eye care is provided in a world of rising prices and falling reimbursements. The complexity of managing insurance claims continues to increase. 

The expense of hiring skilled office personnel continues to rise. Also increasing is the expense of modern testing, treatment equipment, and other forms of technology. All of these factors exert pressure on ophthalmic practices to improve their efficacy. The practice of eye care today requires integrated health IT platform for the aforementioned reasons.

This e-book describes how an integrated, ophthalmology-specific EHR and practice management platform that places the patient at the centre of care can benefit your clinic.

Put People First

It is not a secret that healthcare customers, providers, and executives need an improved user experience. People must thus take precedence. It is simpler to make decisions when you have a comprehensive view of the patient's overall health, not just ocular health, and the appropriate facts at hand.

The desire for more simplified, less cumbersome, and easier-to-use EHR and PM systems is a significant element driving the market.

Healthcare modernization Challenges associated with COVID-19, revenue cycle management, heterogeneous health IT systems, and the inevitable migration to value-based care accelerate the demand for sophisticated technology on a single, integrated platform – sooner rather than later. All of this is exacerbated by people's ubiquitous desire for a digital experience with all parts of healthcare, including eye care. These expectations of contemporary customers will only continue to increase.

The future of healthcare, according to a Deloitte study, will be determined by:

  • Product innovation in healthcare 
  • Agility and interoperability of the market 
  • Consumer involvement and experience

Multiple Health It Suppliers And Systems Provide Obstacles.

When an ophthalmic practice or group utilizes several health IT suppliers to handle many divergent IT systems, it may lead to complications that impact clinical and commercial operations, and potentially endanger patient health. It may be necessary to employ additional software and employees to handle the dissimilar databases. There may be omissions of vital data. There is also the possibility of duplicate patient data or discrepancies across these databases.

In terms of operational expenses, there are substantial management and volume-based IT expenses, which are compounded by the number of distinct system instances.

Health IT Compatibility

Supporting all elements of care and being able to react to changes in the industry, technology, customer expectations, regulatory needs, and unanticipated occurrences such as COVID-19 are vital to the viability of your practice. To stay competitive, it is essential to have a health IT infrastructure that provides both flexibility and stability, in addition to the conveniences that patients, doctors, and employees demand.

EHRs are available in several forms, sizes, and capacities. When attempting to coordinate treatment across specialities, it may be disruptive for staff and providers to navigate a system with several independent components that are not built to interact with one another.


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