Promoting Payroll Precision: GreenTicker's Journey with greytHR

Published on 03 Apr 2024

Promoting Payroll Precision

Based in Pune, India, and supported by a team of seasoned Chartered Accountants, MBAs, and industry experts, GreenTicker Financial Services LLP is dedicated to delivering top-notch financial and payroll services. It has established itself as a cornerstone of reliability and excellence in the dynamic financial and payroll services landscape. Despite its expertise, the firm faced significant challenges in its payroll management processes, impacting its efficiency and customer satisfaction. This whitepaper illustrates how GreenTicker overcame these hurdles by adopting greytHR, resulting in a remarkable 66% increase in efficiency and setting a new standard in payroll management.

Who Is GreenTicker & What Challenges Did They Face?

Greenticker Financial Services LLP has been at the forefront of financial and payroll services, providing unparalleled expertise and support to its clientele. The team, comprised of esteemed Chartered Accountants, MBAs, and post-graduates from reputed universities, brings together a rich tapestry of knowledge and experience, positioning Greenticker as a partner of choice for businesses seeking financial and payroll expertise. Operating in the complex and demanding landscape of financial services, Greenticker managed over 300 payslips, a testament to its scale and capability.

However, the journey was not without its hurdles. Greenticker's payroll management process, one of its flagship offerings, was beset with challenges that threatened its commitment to delivering excellence. Manual salary structuring for clients, a process fraught with complexities, demanded a significant investment of time and effort from the team. This, coupled with inaccurate tax calculations and a cumbersome attendance capture system, not only impeded efficiency but also led to a high volume of employee queries, further straining the firm's resources.

The absence of a seamless mechanism for tax comparison during the IT declaration phase compounded the challenges, resulting in frequent and repeated queries to the Greenticker team. These operational inefficiencies highlighted a critical need for a solution that could address these challenges head-on, enabling Greenticker to uphold its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

How greytHR Transformed Payroll Management

Recognizing the imperative to upgrade its payroll management process, Greenticker turned to greytHR, a decision that marked the beginning of a significant transformation. greytHR's advanced payroll automation solution was a beacon of innovation, offering a suite of features designed to address the very challenges Greenticker faced.

Automated Salary Structuring

One of the first areas of impact was the automation of salary structuring. greytHR's formula-based automation simplified the once cumbersome process of setting up custom salary structures for clients. By eliminating manual calculations and inputs, greytHR significantly reduced the time and effort required, streamlining operations and enhancing accuracy. This automation was pivotal in allowing the Greenticker team to focus on strategic tasks, elevating their operational efficiency.

Integration with Biometric Systems

The integration of greytHR with biometric attendance systems was another game-changer. This seamless integration eradicated the errors associated with the previous swipe-capturing system, ensuring accurate attendance data fed directly into the payroll computations. This not only streamlined the attendance management process but also directly contributed to the accuracy of payroll calculations, addressing a critical challenge that Greenticker faced.

Tax Planning and Computation

GreytHR's tax planning tool transformed Greenticker's tax computation and declaration process. By providing employees with precise tax projections it empowered them to make informed decisions, significantly reducing the frequency of tax-related queries to the team. This feature and the automation of tax calculations ensured a 100% accuracy rate, alleviating one of Greenticker's major pain points.

A True Testament To Numbers

The implementation of greytHR has been nothing short of transformative for GreenTicker, yielding impressive results:

  • 66% Increase in Employee Efficiency: GreenTicker employees who previously managed payroll for three customers can now easily handle five, showcasing a dramatic boost in productivity.
  • 1.5 Days Saved Per Customer: The time required to process and deliver accurate payroll outputs has been reduced by 1.5 days per customer, underscoring the operational efficiencies gained.
  • 80% Reduction in Employee Queries: With more accurate tax computations and effective tax planning tools, GreenTicker has seen an 80% decrease in the volume of employee queries.

These achievements are a testament to the power of automation and the right technological partnership. Omkar Deshpande, Co-founder and Managing Partner of GreenTicker praises greytHR for its reliability and the smooth end-of-month process it enables, highlighting the platform's role as a game-changer for the firm.


The collaboration between GreenTicker and greytHR showcases the transformative potential of payroll automation in enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and satisfaction in payroll services. GreenTicker's experience serves as a compelling case study for other financial and payroll service providers facing similar challenges, demonstrating that significant improvements in operational efficiency and customer service are within reach with the right tools.

Ready to revolutionize your payroll efficiency? Dive into the full whitepaper now for actionable insights and success stories!

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