Musk To Terminate Twitter’s Workforce

Published on 15 Oct 2022

Musk, Terminate, Twitter, Workforce

When Musk was to purchase Twitter, he had already alluded to the possibility of laying off employees, but these reductions might be far more severe than was originally anticipated.

Reports show that Musk intends to let go of around 5,600 workers, which would constitute 75% of Twitter's employment. If Musk's plan for a far more streamlined platform is realized, Twitter would be required to function with a fraction of the employees it already employs.

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Why Does Musk Want To Reduce The Workforce?

Due to larger economic issues and persistent accusations that Twitter has failed to deliver on its promise (at least in the eyes of investors), Twitter was always going to reduce the size of its personnel. However, most individuals did not consider decreasing the workforce by three-quarters its current size. Twitter had previously planned to lay off around one-quarter of its workers, but the scenario would be much different if one-quarter of the workforce were retained.

A pinch of salt is required in this situation. There is often a gap between what Musk says and the actual state of affairs, even though he has been describing his ambitious strategy over the course of the previous several months. It's possible that Musk would like to eliminate 75% of Twitter's workforce; after all, what investor or CEO wouldn't want to make more money with fewer annoying salaries to pay? On the other hand, Twitter wouldn't be able to function at all if its workforce was drastically reduced.

Will A Reduced Workforce Solve Twitter’s Problems?

Musk manifestly lacks basic knowledge of several significant challenges the firm is currently confronted with, some of which are solvable by increasing investments in essential domains. Although the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla was eager to rely on Twitter's former head of security turned whistleblower Peiter Zatko when it suited him, some of the grave security and safety issues that Zatko brought up would not be answered by completely dismantling the firm. 

Musk also has a very limited understanding of the firm's challenges in content moderation. This is another area that would be improved by adding extra people rather than relying only on cost-cutting algorithms to steer the ship. If Elon Musk gets his way, there will certainly be a significant reduction in levels of trust and safety.

The 75% figure is another trick he pulled out of his hat to wow whomever he was talking to at the time, whether it be bankers he was wooing for the acquisition or the numerous slavering wealthy men he texted with. Both of these possibilities are very feasible. We certainly hope this turns out to be the case for the benefit of Twitter's present staff, which is already under significant stress.

It is anticipated that the transaction will be finalized on October 28. This comes after months of Musk creating turmoil with his disruptive behavior.


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