Sift and McDonalds Announce Partnership On Mobile App Fraud

Published on 24 Feb 2021

Digital trust and security company Sift has announced a partnership with fast food giant McDonalds in order to improve cybersecurity and prevent fraud via mobile apps. McDonald's apps in Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania will benefit from Sift's expertise in cybersecurity.

CEO and president of Sift Marc Olesen says that it can be difficult for fast-service companies like restaurants to provide a good user experience on mobile apps and prevent fraud. He add that the Sift is excited to be part of McDonald’s Digital Trust & Safety strategy.

The partnership between sift and McDonalds

McDonalds gives users the option to order-ahead and contactless pay. These two features gained a lot of popularity with consumers over the past year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As part of the agreement, McDonalds will be able to use Sift's machine learning and global data network for users who utilize these features. 

Senior vice president of technology and product engineering and data at McDonald’s, Leandro Balbinot, says that it has become clear that customers would like to use their mobile phones to purchase McDonald's products and schedule pickups. “With the use of Sift’s technology, McDonald’s will continue to expand our mobile ordering channel around the world and keep our customers satisfied," he added.

As the world figured out how to address the new challenges posed by the pandemic, fraud has become more prevalent. According to Sift, bad actors have made use of this time of confusion in order to find new opportunities and ways to commit fraud. Many have chosen to change the "spray and pray" approach to a new strategy of targeting fewer victims that generate larger profits. Sift says that rules-based systems generally fail to identify high-dollar fraud. This is why illicit actors have increasingly been targeting larger eCommerce retailers where they are able to get through with any issues.

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