Chef’s Collection: Recipes for Personalisation

Published on 12 Jun 2023

Personalized marketing

Whether you're a beginner cook or a seasoned chef, there are techniques and tips in the art of cooking that you still need to try. Even people who are considered experts in their field find new ideas and challenges in the kitchen all the time. Like any other art, cooking takes years of practice, commitment, and a desire to keep learning. It is a never-ending process of getting better and changing.

Get your website viewers' attention

The first image you give guests is very important. It can make the difference between whether they quickly leave your site or keep looking around. You only have one chance to grab the attention of a first-time guest with something interesting. Customers of Adobe Target have tried the following ways to get first-time users interested, and the results have been great.

Personalize your site by learning about your users

Customers choose regular contracts for services like the internet, cell phones, and streaming media based on certain things that are most important to them. Only some things are about the price, which can differ for each person. If you know your key audiences and what's important to them, you can give them customized offers and experiences that make them want to learn more about what you offer.

For example, a big cable company wanted to grow sales and income. Their marketing team thought these goals could be reached by giving new and repeat users unique creative and brand experiences. Using second- and third-party data in Adobe Audience Manager, they found four different types of visitors: families, people who work from home, sports fans, and gamers. People who didn't fit into these groups were put in a group for fun.

Through user experience study and market analysis, the company found that customers mostly cared about the name, speed, and the service's trustworthiness when choosing an internet service. The marketing team made different hero posters for each group, putting different amounts of focus on each of these three things. They also created unique copies and pictures that would appeal to each group. People who visited the website were shown the right ad based on their target group. For example, gamers got a sign that showed a picture of a player and talked about how fast the internet was. Because of these tailored experiences, sales and income per person went up.

Use AI to help people find the best material or experience

A few years ago, it might have seemed dangerous and cutting-edge to let computers decide how to sell to customers. But things have changed, and now people trust AI to drive them in cars that drive themselves. AI has proven its value. AI can reduce risk and improve results when given enough high-quality data to build machine-learning models correctly.

Promote your unique strengths

People often compare different cell phone service companies when their contracts end; they get new phones or add new family members to their plans. Each service may have appealing features that set them apart, such as better coverage, no long-term contracts, attractive upgrade deals, reasonable monthly fees for additional lines, and more. Most of the time, people do this kind of study on their phones. The cell service provider's mobile website has a lot of information about visitors that can be used to customize the user's experience.


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