DocuSign for Life Sciences

Published on 03 Sep 2020

We live in a mobile, digital era where health information is at our fingertips. With the touch of a button, patients can see test results, track prescriptions, and sign up for clinical research. And yet it still takes over a decade to bring breakthrough treatments to market. Scientific productivity must improve: clinical trials are costly and time-consuming, and regulations mandate increased scrutiny and compliance. The patients who rely on your scientific leadership are expecting more. How are you meeting their needs? While intensive research and study are still a prerequisite for success, there is a better way to develop new products and therapies.

Learn how you can use digital tools in this DocuSign whitepapers:


  • Reduce cycle time
  • Reinvent processes
  • Improve Trial Enrollment and Informed Consents
  • Simplify Operations & Approvals


Key Challenges For Life Science Organizations:



Reduce Development Cycle Time and Costs: 


  •  37% of trials under-enroll and 11% fail to enroll a single patient
  • Product development cycle takes more than 10 years
  • Average cost per approved molecule is up 50% over the past decade, from $2.8 billion to $4.2 billion


 Expand Global Footprint:


  • China has invested more than $150 billion and opened more than 2,000 hospitals in the past four years
  • Global pharmaceutical market is growing 7.8% YoY, and 22.6% YoY in BRIC countries: nearly 3X
  •  Unique patient needs, market access, local operations and pricing demand new business models  


Meet Regulatory & Pricing Demands:


  • Growing regulatory scrutiny and requirements are driving stringent sourcing and quality measures, worldwide agency collaboration, and compliance with FDA, EMA, and other regulations
  • Manufacturers need to justify economic and clinical value to patients and payers
  • Patent expiry is a threat: more than $100 billion in lost sales 2009-2012; generics growth at 10% CAGR from 2010-15


The Importance of Digital Business In Life Sciences:

Paper and manual processes are delaying your critical treatments from getting to market. The result? Increasing product development costs and inefficiencies. Digital workflows and signatures save life science organizations an average of $38 per document* which can add up to millions of dollars for your business. 

Advancing Your Digital Investment:

Wondering how to get to 100% digital? Here's how DocuSign's powerful platform can help. DocuSign allows you to automate complex workflows, validate users’ identities, get signatures, and maintain a digital record of your transactions. The resulting eSignatures are considered more legally enforceable than pen and paper

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