How Structured Content Frees And Boosts The Productivity Of Creative Teams

Published on 16 Nov 2021

Content Productivity

Prior to the digital age, authors spent the majority of their time writing material. They were not in charge of layout, printing, or distribution. Everything changed when the digital age began. Creators might utilize WYSIWYG editors integrated with content management systems to self-publish work on the web.

However, what was once a quick and thrilling process has devolved into a lengthy list of operational activities that take hours, if not days, to accomplish. Multiple channels need content to be prepared for, sent to, and coordinated among. When the material is optimized, translated, localized, and tailored, it may generate thousands of versions. And each variant must be monitored, controlled, and maintained, sometimes across numerous CMSes that operate in silos.

Consider if content teams could spend that time developing high-quality material. How much more content would they be? Would they be more creative, more productive, or a combination of the two? That is the allure of content operations, a growing discipline.

Content operations enable editors to devote their time to content production. It eliminates the physical labor and mental overhead associated with content lifecycle management.

Additionally, it offers a structure that enables content producers to gain momentum and produce higher-quality material more quickly.

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Content Teams Need Methods & Technology That Are Optimized For The Digital World

Content operations are reshaping content teams by allowing them to increase output and reach without compromising on quality. It is the science that underpins the creative process of content production. Content operations and structured content enable creative teams to create compelling digital experiences without the assistance of coders.

Are Builders A Part Of Your Content Team?

We often discuss the value of builders and the builder ethos - a way of thinking that empowers individuals and teams to go from having excellent ideas to actually constructing them. Developers and programmers are not the only kinds of builders. They might be anybody in your company who contributes to the development of digital experiences. So you're a builder, aren't you?

Does your work have an effect on the customer?

Creating digital experiences involves more than simply coding; it encompasses content, design, marketing, and customer support, as well as all the systems that contribute to a smooth customer experience.

Do you want to comprehend and resolve consumer issues?

Builders are sometimes dubbed "customer-obsessed." They strive to get a thorough understanding of their clients and delight in discovering new methods to thrill them.

Do you notice the opportunity to improve earlier work when you examine it?

Builders iterate on previous work, utilizing it as building blocks to create something new.

Is your mind a whirlwind of ideas? Are you always proposing enhancements?

Builders offer comments and ideas about how to proceed. They are candid and forthright about areas for improvement.

Are you a team player that thrives on collaboration and idea-sharing?

Despite legends of maverick geniuses creating things from nothing, builders often work best together, building on and feeding off one another's ideas.

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