IoT Systems Integrators Master New Markets

Published on 06 Aug 2022

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Best practices used to be a way to do well, but today, sticking to them could be a way to fail. Businesses need to be open to change if they want to compete in the market today.

By connecting operations and information technology, the IoT has changed the world by making more things possible. Businesses don't need one-off solutions; they need smart solutions.

Systems integrators could lose out if they don't take full advantage of the new opportunities IoT offers.

SIs must move away from their traditional business models of selling, integrating, and servicing technical components in order to stay relevant in the new market. Instead, they must deal with broader business challenges. They need to learn how to put together solutions.

For this change to happen, it will take a "village" of suppliers, products, solutions, and logistics. But most SIs don't have the infrastructure and resources to give their customers the transformational solutions they want. Lucky for them, they don't have to do it all on their own. Solution integrators (SIs) can use solution aggregators to get these capabilities on a large scale. This helps SIs better meet the changing business needs of their customers with innovative new technologies.

Help for Your Internet of Things Projects

SIs can use aggregators' deep knowledge of technology and niche expertise to grow their businesses, bid on new projects, and win them. For example, Synnex recently helped a SI replace and update old projector technology for a school district that wanted to get its students more involved. In the past, students and teachers had to use their fingers or a stylus to work on interactive whiteboards.

But the solution was getting old, which made it harder for the district to get students ready for the modern world. The warranty no longer covered the old technology, and the projectors were either too dim or had no working bulbs at all. The touch and stylus features of the technology were also unreliable, making it hard for teachers to keep students' attention and interest.

Putting together solutions and services

But the school is just one way to solve the problem. Synnex works with SIs in a wide range of markets and industries, such as healthcare, where it has helped automate the patient process, from registration to prescription fulfillment, and manufacturing, where it has made scalable wireless architecture that helps managers make faster decisions. Synnex also has services to help make sure that solutions are delivered successfully and on time.

Aggregators Keep up with IoT innovations.

To be good partners, aggregators need to keep up with the latest technology. As the largest Intel volume distributor in North America, Synnex has access to the latest solutions, including a portfolio of Intel® Market Ready Solutions (Intel® MRS) and Intel® RFP Ready Kits (Intel® RRKs).

These Intel-validated IoT Solutions give local market partners the recipes they need to serve their customers. By working with local SIs and ISVs, all of the existing solutions can be taken apart, improved, and put back together in a way that fits local rules and solves specific problems. And Synnex has a wide range of products and services that work together to help SIs get up and running quickly to meet their customers' needs.

Dyenson says, "Synnex doesn't just sell whole solutions; we can also bring new technologies and ideas to the market." "We make it easy for SIs who want to build the best solutions by giving them everything they need in one place."

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