Everything To Know About CES 2022

Published on 12 Jan 2022

The Consumer Electronics Show concluded last week – but in another subdued form. Despite the lack of fanfare, a slew of new and developed consumer technology items was unveiled, along with many new methods to communicate with customers. 

While mobile phones were present at CES 2022, the show was mostly centred on higher-ticket items such as automobiles and home entertainment. Despite this, many smaller competitor companies have declared inroads into the mobile device industry, which might have a significant impact on how the larger firms see their own mobile devices. Here's a quick reference guide to all of the announcements that matter most to marketers (and a few future trends to keep an eye on).

Selfies And Social Shopping Go Hand In Hand

The Vivo V23 smartphone is positioned as a selfie camera. The Chinese maker seems to have studied its competitors' incredibly strong rear-facing cameras and opted to zig where they zag. The mid-range cell phone has two front-facing cameras and a slew of pre-installed applications for editing high-resolution photos and seems to be counting on influencers and social media users to pick up a selfie-focused smartphone.

For marketers, this is another proof of influencers' power. Additionally, it validates Snapchat's argument that the camera has replaced the keyboard as the major mode of engagement for a new generation. The smart money is on a bigger, more sophisticated variety of virtual try-on, filters, and chances for commercial material - all driven by the selfie.

Automobiles Have Become The Future of Advertising

Probably the most eye-catching announcement during CES 2022 was the 'colour-changing automobile.' BMW introduced their E Ink-powered iX Flow technology (which is essentially identical to that found in a Kindle), which enables the outside of the vehicle to transition between hues of black and white. 

"The groundbreaking E Ink technology enables totally new methods to customize the look of the car based on the driver's aesthetic choices, environmental circumstances, or even functional needs," BMW said. Thus, the technology enables unparalleled levels of customization in the field of external design."

While this kind of technology on vehicles is still in its infancy (save from Bond films), it's a sure bet that it will someday be utilized to sell advertising space on the sides of trucks, automobiles, and lorries.

Gaming Technology Is A Massive Industry

As expected, the newest displays and gaming technology made a strong showing during the expo. Vizio created headlines with its largest and loudest displays to date, such as the 50-inch M-Series Quantum X 4K HDR Gaming Smart TV, which could enable home consoles such as the PS5 to shine or serve as a PC monitor thanks to its variable refresh rate. 

Panasonic's flagship LZ2000 OLED TV, on the other hand, caters to the next generation of gamers. It serves as a timely reminder to marketers and companies that gaming is becoming more popular, with a larger audience than ever.

The Metaverse-mania

If you want to make the case that the metaverse does not exist as a concrete notion, then CES 2022 is solid proof. It was jargon that crept into otherwise rational and engaging technical talks. It was linked with anything from smart eyewear to industrial solutions to gesture recognition technology, all of which muddied the already nebulous notion of the metaverse.

What is the takeaway for marketers? Your customers' conceptions of the metaverse are very certainly rather distinct from those of their rivals and the general public. It is now formless and faces a slew of challenges before becoming a successful marketing platform (though individual virtual environments are still very much worth experimenting with).

5G Becomes Increasingly Pervasive

It's easy to forget that 5G was originally heralded as a game-changing advancement in mobile technology. The concept of seamlessly enabling live VR experiences on smartphones and significantly improving streaming capabilities has been implemented to a limited extent so far. Despite this, CES 2022 saw the introduction of a variety of mid-range to inexpensive devices equipped with 5G as standard, including the impressive-looking Nokia G400.

It serves as a reminder to marketers that not everyone has access to the newest technology – but that those consumers will ultimately be catered to. The next generation of data collection and information delivery is set to become more accessible.

The Increasing Demand of 4K Resolution

As with 5G, the cost of 4K technology for home screens is decreasing. While 4K TV penetration in the United States is now at 50% of homes with televisions, the percentage is growing, as attention increasingly turns to the 8K future. While the recently announced TCL 98R754 may not represent a generational shift, it and other CES2022 announcements demonstrate that the premium TV industry still has the opportunity to introduce 4K to viewers.

As with the transition to HD and the difficulties associated with selling VR, it's difficult to promote the advantages of 4K on televisions that lack the technology to show it. Expect some creative thinking along the lines of the 2005 Sony Bravia LCD advertisement to help sell some of these new 4K devices to the people.

Luxury Products Are Not Going Away

There was a lot to appreciate about this CES for marketers that specialize in marketing the newest technological advancements. From Samsung's new Eco Remote, which charges through Wi-Fi and mobile signals, to routers that automatically modify their antennae forecasts, advertising campaigns may be built around some wonderful gimmicks.

Wearables Are Experiencing A Mini-Renaissance

While smartwatches may not get the same amount of attention as they once did, the newest developments of the technology demonstrate that they remain a priority for hardware and software businesses. For example, the Garmin Venu 2 Plus has a speaker and microphone, allowing you to access voice assistants and all of their marketing possibilities right from your phone.

However, the great shock at CES 2022 for marketers will be the degree to which wearables are incorporated into health and fitness products. Given that athleisure will play a significant role in many eCommerce and affiliate campaigns in 2022, marketers should include wearables as a critical component of any such plan.


Featured image: CES Tech


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