Meta Launched Live Chat Feature for Facebook

Published on 03 Mar 2022

Users who have been blocked out of their Facebook profiles will now be able to communicate with one another through live chat, according to social media giant Meta. The update is presently in the testing phase, and it is only accessible in the United States at this time, according to Microsoft.

This is the very first time Facebook has provided live help for restricted accounts as part of this change. Prior to this change, Facebook users were unable to contact the company's customer service staff and inquire as to why their account(s) had been suspended. This new function, on the other hand, will open a live 'Facebook Support' chatbox, where customers may communicate with a customer service representative.

The service is also intended for small content producers who do not have a dedicated relationship manager or agency, and it will assist them in communicating with Facebook more simply. Users may now contact a live agent for assistance on a variety of topics, ranging from pay-out status to inquiries regarding new features like Reels, via the newly launched dedicated creator support site.

More About The Feature

As stated in a blog post by Meta, "On the Facebook App particularly, we've also begun testing live chat service for select English-speaking users worldwide, including creators, who have been blocked out of their accounts." It is intended for users who are unable to access their accounts because of odd behavior or whose profiles have been disabled because of a breach of Community Standards.

Facebook Live is also introducing new content moderation capabilities that will enable users to ban specific keywords, prohibit controls, as well as a comment filter mode that will allow people to access those concealed comments in one convenient location.

The corporation recently established new regulations for commercials that deal with social topics, under which ad runners will now be required to get formal approval. Disclaimers would also be necessary, as well as the identity of the individual or organization that is running the advertisements.

In India, Meta has also declared the launch of a new portal – – in an effort to combat revenge porn in a proactive manner. A new tool on Facebook and Instagram will give women the ability to approach and report personal photographs and videos that have been uploaded without their permission on social media platforms.


Featured image: Meta


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