Predictive Analytics Streamlines Volkswagen Japan Sales

Published on 14 May 2022

Volkswagen Japan, Predictive Analytics

Volkswagen Japan Sales (VJS) is a car firm with 11 outlets in the Tokyo metropolitan region that is administered directly by Porsche Holding Salzburg, the biggest automotive retailer in Europe. Employees at VJS utilize a variety of devices to execute crucial duties, including customer management, quoting, ordering, vehicle management, and parts management.

VJS President Akihiko Nishida explains, "Our shops are dispersed around the Tokyo metropolitan area, and given the physical distance and speed of information transmission, we could not do our everyday duties without our gadgets." "However, information-storing devices encounter a variety of issues, including inaccessible servers and freezing. Every day, our IT personnel had to confront these unanticipated issues."

President Nishida states that time to repair is his top priority: "We react to breakdowns remotely, and occasionally we had to try various solutions to the issue since we were unable to determine the root cause instantly. We would be able to react more rapidly if we had a clearer understanding of the issue."

With the end of support for Windows 7 and the shift to Windows 10, it became necessary to restructure the whole support system, including the introduction of new devices.

President Nishida adds, "At the time, the system was maintained by multiple vendors for each step, including the device maker, installation support, and post-implementation help desk." "Consequently, it was difficult to identify flaws once the system was installed.

In addition, two IT team members oversaw about 400 devices, making it imperative to view the whole system to alleviate this strain.

Developing a simplified, streamlined IT environment

President Nishida notes that important criteria were chosen as part of the system's renovation.

"The visibility of IT expenses is the first consideration. Monthly and yearly predictability of IT expenses enables more efficient budgeting. The visibility of IT problems is the second point. "We must quickly determine the problem, boost reaction time, and lighten the load on the IT staff," he adds. "HP Services delivers proactive device health monitoring and analytics reporting with precision."

Implementing HP Device as a Service (DaaS) offered a comprehensive solution that bundled devices, maintenance services, and analytics into a single monthly contract and made the IT environment simple and straightforward to operate. President Nishida asserts that the simplicity of management integration provided by HP Services was crucial: "With HP DaaS, we were able to merge the several providers for each phase into one, therefore streamlining lifecycle management. This is a significant benefit for IT employees."

Keeping a good device lifecycle

HP Services offers continuous servicing across the whole device lifespan. The same holds true for support and help desk systems after installation. As part of the installation of the HP DaaS solution, the VJS support desk was migrated to Comture Network Corporation, which is a natural partner of HP.

President Nishida notes, "As a help desk, we get assistance not just for devices, but also for Microsoft Office and other information systems in general." "After deployment, the support desk had relatively few enquiries. I think this is the case because, in addition to the excellent quality of the HP devices, the help desk has access to HP TechPulse's analytics information in order to take preventative action."


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