State of Marketing 2022: Insights from 6,000 Marketing Leaders

Published on 10 Oct 2023

Sales Force State of Marketing

In this report, we delve into the findings from Salesforce Research's eighth edition of the "State of Marketing" report, which surveyed 6,000 marketing leaders from across the globe. The survey aimed to uncover how marketers are adapting to the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, preparing for the retirement of third-party cookies, and innovating to meet Navigating the Path to Modern Application Development with AWSchanging customer needs. The report provides valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities that marketers are currently facing.

Survey Methodology

The survey was conducted from June 30 to August 8, 2022, and received responses from marketing managers, directors, VPs, and CMOs in 35 different countries. The data presented in this report is based on a third-party, double-blind survey, ensuring unbiased and reliable results. Additionally, platform data used in this report is derived from over 2 trillion messages sent using the Salesforce Platform between 2020 and Q2 2022, adding credibility to the insights presented.

Key Findings

1. Marketers Are Adapting to Change: 

Despite the uncertainties in the economy, a vast majority, around 87% of marketers, have reported that their work is now more valuable compared to the previous year. This showcases their determination to evolve, tackling challenges head-on, and demonstrating their resilience in a marketing landscape that is constantly shifting and evolving.

2. Innovation in Customer Engagement

An impressive 83% of marketers have embraced the idea of engaging with customers in real-time across a wide range of marketing channels. This highlights their unwavering commitment to finding fresh and innovative ways to connect with customers, ensuring that they receive exceptional and up-to-the-minute experiences from brands.

3. Balancing Personalization and Privacy: 

In preparation for the impending retirement of third-party cookies, approximately 68% of marketers have already outlined a well-defined strategy for transitioning to first-party data. This indicates their proactive approach to addressing the ongoing challenge of balancing the desire for personalized customer experiences with the importance of safeguarding user privacy.

4. Real-Time Intelligence Matters: 

A growing trend is the real-time tracking of data by marketers. A significant 72% of high-performing marketers are now equipped to analyze their marketing performance in real-time. This allows them to gain a competitive edge by swiftly adapting to emerging trends and making informed decisions promptly.

5. Collaboration Technology for Distributed Teams: 

Marketers have readily adopted an average of four collaboration tools per team, responding to the shift towards remote and distributed work arrangements, which are becoming a permanent feature of the modern work landscape. These tools enable effective teamwork and communication, ensuring that marketing efforts remain coordinated and efficient, regardless of geographical boundaries.

6. Alignment with Values: 

Addressing the growing demand from consumers, a substantial 85% of marketers have made it a priority to ensure that their external messaging accurately reflects their company's core values. This underscores their commitment to establishing a strong connection with customers by demonstrating shared beliefs and principles, further enhancing the brand-customer relationship.


In a dynamic and challenging marketing landscape, the data from this report indicates that marketers are resilient and adaptable. They are leveraging technology, embracing innovation, and navigating the complexities of personalization and data privacy to provide enhanced value and experiences for their customers. With real-time insights and a commitment to collaboration, marketers are poised to thrive in this ever-changing environment.


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