Instacart Offers Customer Priority

Published on 16 Jul 2022

Instacart, Customer Priority

Providing a new reward scheme for its shoppers, dubbed "Cart Star," that is similar to Uber Pro, is now being rolled out by Instacart. The tiers of rewards provided by Cart Star are as follows: gold (for a total of 200 points), platinum (for a total of 1,000 points), and diamond (for 2,000 points) (for 2,000 points). Customers are awarded points according to the total number of orders they have placed over the course of the prior three months. Shoppers must maintain an average customer rating of 4.7, so they may continue to participate in the program.

The highest diamond tier in the firm provides access to a greater number of unique privileges. Customers shopping for diamonds will be able to have early access to delivery batches before the shops open to the general public. Through a collaboration between Instacart and, customers will also have access to two days of caring for a kid, senior, or pet each quarter at the cost of $1 per hour or $10 per day. This service will be available to them.

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Who Gets Special Priority?

According to Instacart, shoppers who have reached the platinum and diamond levels of the platform will be given special recognition that will inform consumers of the shopper's status, the number of orders they have completed, and the length of time they have been using the site. Customers at all tiers are eligible for cash back on petrol purchases and savings on auto maintenance thanks to the company's relationships with independent businesses Upside and CarAdvise; however, higher tiers are eligible for more lucrative benefits.

Other Customer-Focused Upgrades By Instacart

As part of its efforts to sustain development in the face of intensifying competition for gig workers, Instacart just recently implemented new policies and procedures for the shoppers who are employed by the business. The firm took steps in April to safeguard consumers against "tip-baiting" activities, which refer to instances in which a client places a big tip amount when completing an order, but then removes it without explaining why they did so. More recently, in May, the corporation made an announcement that it will begin filtering out negative evaluations from customers who are "hard to please" and consistently provide poor ratings. On the consumer side, it just introduced a new service called Instacart Plus, which is an updated version of its Instacart Express subscription.


Featured image: Instacart


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