The Best Sentiment Analysis Tools for Social Media

Published on 11 Oct 2021

The Best Sentiment Analysis Tools for Social Media

It may be difficult to determine what a person is feeling when they text you on any platform. A person's emotions and tone don't translate well into writing unless they are explicitly stated, making it difficult to discern the message's meaning. Despite the fact that punctuation may assist, there is no universally accepted method for conveying sarcasm or irony in written form.

Why people might not care to decipher the hidden message between words in a message, that knowledge is priceless for any business. However, since there is so much noise online, it would be almost difficult for many businesses to filter through all of the mentions by hand. To help with this, there exist sentiment analysis tools. In real-time, they monitor everything that's being said about you or your industry and report back to you. In this blog, we’ll discuss the basics of a sentiment analysis tool and list the top tools that businesses should consider investing in.

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What Is A Sentiment Analysis Tool?

Using a sentiment analysis tool, you may look through text exchanges and determine the tone, purpose, and emotions that are conveyed via the messages you receive. As a result of delving deeper into these aspects, the tool lets your customer support staff better understand feedback. With businesses constantly engaging with consumers on social media, live chat, and email where it may be difficult to discern the emotion behind a message, this is especially helpful.

The Benefits of A Sentiment Analysis Tool

If you don't have a sentiment analysis tool, your customers' honest feedback is going to waste. Using an automated method, you'll be able to compile all of the internet mentions of your brand into one easy-to-use dashboard.

By not utilizing a sentiment analysis tool, your staff may concentrate on the input that sticks in their minds the most. Learn more about sentiment analysis and how to utilize it effectively by following our tutorial. It is possible to monitor your attempts to influence public opinion using an automated program that provides you with an overview of audience sentiment over time.  As a result of this knowledge, you should be able to identify the best sentiment analysis tools for your business in 2021.

1. Keyhole

Keyhole is a real-time sentiment analysis tool for social media that provides comprehensive social media analytics. When using Keyhole's sentiment dashboard, you can view the amount of good, neutral, and negative postings that reference your brand or term, as well as hashtags.

For a certain time period, all postings will be shown, with the positive and negative sentiments listed first, and a list of the most frequently used terms in each post will follow. Aside from the standard keywords, you may also add your own phrases that describe the mood of the audience. Other services offered by Keyhole include sentiment analysis as well as influencer monitoring.

Price: After a free trial, the service costs $49 USD per month.

2. Brandwatch

Brandwatch's "image insights" function, which identifies pictures linked with your brand, is one of the most useful tools. Consider it this way: you submit a picture of your company's logo. Photographs with that logo are found by Brandwatch, which searches the web. The pictures are then compiled into a list, with the location of your company's logo highlighted.

As an added bonus, Brandwatch's software analyzes all of the images it comes across to offer useful information. Metrics like mention volume, total followers, and the most recent activity are all included. Brandwatch allows your team to observe where and how your brand's visuals are performing with your target demographic.

Price: Available upon request

3. Awario

Using Awario, you can keep tabs on how people feel about a brand in real-time. Other social listening technologies, such as influencer monitoring, are included as well. When you use Awario's unique social selling function, you can keep track of individuals who are complaining about your rivals or who are searching for recommendations in your sector, making it easy to find new customers.

Price: Awario begins at $29 USD ($49 CAD) every month.

4. Repustate

Customers' sentiment can be properly assessed using Repustate's advanced text-analysis API. Short-form text and slang such as lol, rofl, and smh may be detected by the program. It also examines emoticons to figure out what they're trying to convey inside a message. Using a ;) emoji, Repustate will inform you if the remainder of the discussion indicates that this is a good or negative sign.

The Repustate API also allows you to modify your API's restrictions so that it only accepts a language that is appropriate for your industry. Repustate's technology may be customized to include slang or other nuanced meanings for words. This provides you with complete control over how your customers' input is analyzed by the program.

Price: $299 per month

5. Critical Mention

As a comprehensive media monitoring tool, Critical Mention keeps tabs on everything from news sources to social media to broadcast television. Its social media monitoring tools, on the other hand, provide basic sentiment analysis data. You should use it if your brand is often referenced on television since it is the only one on our list that enables you to monitor TV mentions.

Price: $29 a month, going up to $99 a month

The ability to calculate sentiment scores can come in handy in a variety of areas throughout your company. As a result of the procedure, your brand's visibility will improve, as will consumer happiness. You may make improvements to your product by listening to what your customers have to say. Actionable insights will be left online by your audience. Listening to your clients is an important part of your work, and helping them solve their issues is another.

Tools for sentiment analysis may be priceless when it comes to managing a brand's reputation. Even with their limits, free tools like these may save your company money and save them from facing a public relations disaster.

The addition of sentiment analysis tools to the marketing toolboxes is fantastic, as humans are prone to error. Think about it the next time you do sentiment analysis (also known as opinion mining) on your company's brand or on behalf of a customer. Subscribe to to learn more about the new technologies impacting marketing.

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