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Published on 14 Nov 2022

Twitter, Hiring

After firing around 6,000 of Twitter's 7,500 employees in only three weeks, Elon Musk is actively seeking new employees.

It has been claimed that at an all-hands meeting with Twitter employees, Musk said that the company has completed its round of layoffs and is now accepting applications for roles in engineering and sales. Recommendations from employees are welcomed, according to comments attributed to Musk. His comments were made on the same day that Twitter's sales division, which has lost nearly all of its senior administration since Musk assumed control, was rocked by a wave of layoffs that was not disclosed.

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A New Team & Mindset At Twitter 2.0 

Reports reveal that Twitter is actively recruiting engineers to join "Twitter 2.0 — an Elon company." even though there are currently no open openings listed on Twitter's website, Musk did not specify the kind of technical or sales roles the company was trying to fill. He made an interesting point throughout the conversation: "People competent at developing software are the top priority in crucial recruitment."

Musk preached to Twitter employees for the first time since last week when he forced everyone to opt into his "very severe" cultural reset that resulted in about 1,000 resignations during an all-hands meeting on Monday. Musk spent around half an hour fielding questions from Twitter employees in San Francisco. During this time, he stated there are "no plans" to shift Twitter's headquarters to Texas as he accomplished with Tesla, although it may sound right to be "dual-headquartered" in California and Texas.

As he explained to the team, moving the headquarters to Texas would "fuel the idea that Twitter has gone from left to right," even though the opposite is true. The moderates have won over Twitter; this is not a conservative takeover.

Musk’s Digital Town Square

When asked what it takes to be the "digital town square," Musk said, "representing folks with varied ideas, even if we differ with those beliefs." (He did not comment on the recent mass dismissals of employees after they posted critical tweets and Slack messages about him.)

He conceded that the ongoing reorganization of the corporation would "have a lot of blunders" but promised that things would "stabilize with time." "large elements of the technical stack should be remade from scratch," he told one employee. To "somewhat decentralize" operations, he suggested setting up technical teams in countries including Japan, India, Indonesia, and Brazil.

Musk said the company's goal should be to have as much Japanese use of Twitter as possible, "preferably in every location without exception."

He stated, "Twitter may look US-centric. However, it is truly Japan-centric."Japan has nearly the same number of daily engaged users as the United States, although having one-third of the population.

In response to a question about compensation, Musk said on Twitter that, as at SpaceX, his previous private company, workers would be given stock options that they could cash out regularly. "Every six months, the company conducts a liquidity event by purchasing back shares, and we invite new investors to buy shares," he said on how SpaceX acquires liquidity. "Twitter, too, would be at our disposal similarly."

A Smaller Teach Under Musk’s Rule

If you join Twitter now, you'll join a far smaller team than before Musk took control. He is responsible for laying off about half of Twitter's workforce, while the exact number of departures needs to be clarified. Approximately 7,400 employees had access to Twitter's core infrastructure before he made the cuts. Two sources with knowledge of the situation claim that this number is now just over 2,700, not including the thousands of independent contractors Musk has let go of.

On Musk's first day on Twitter, he got rid of the CEO, CFO, and CLO. In addition to an increasing number of high-level executives, the company has lost several long-tenured engineers, some of whom had more than a decade of experience working there. Senior Twitter executives in control of marketing and content partnerships have either resigned or been terminated. Present and formerly employed workers claim that several "essential" teams have been completely depleted due to layoffs and resignations.


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