10 Recruiting Tools to Prioritize for Success

Published on 20 Jan 2020

One of the biggest and the most significant challenges that small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) admit to facing in the coming year or two is hiring the perfect candidates. The reason for this is pretty clear - to be able to successfully find quality talent in this market that often lacks it, after which companies will have to convince this said quality talent to apply to the company instead of other competitors and then assess the talent properly as a potential candidate for the existing job role, all of this while companies also deal with the limited time crunch as well as balance their budgets - it is quite difficult to achieve. What an applicant tracking system (ATS) does is it acts like the cornerstone of all recruiting software. It plays a key role in managing all aspects mentioned above in a competent manner. Companies definitely need one to monitor their entire hiring process, but it is not enough. If small and medium sized businesses really wish to thrive, they also need to integrate other recruiting tools with their ATS software so that they can optimize their important interactions with their candidates. If they fail to do so, the business will be unable to improve their hiring outcomes significantly.

10 Types of Tools for Recruitment and Selection to Integrate With Your ATS

There are five key areas, according to recruiters, that need the most amount of help, which are:

  • Finding quality talent
  • Attracting talent
  • Lowering time to hire
  • Assessing talent
  • Lowering cost per hire

To combat these problems, there are ten tools that companies can use alongside their ATS software system to improve overall efficiency in their hiring process. These are:

  • Employee Referral Tools, such as Referagig, Zao
  • Sourcing Tools such as Entelo, TalentBin
  • Candidate Experience Tools such as Jibe, Survale
  • Job Listing Tools such as Ongig, Textio
  • Mobile Recruiting Tools like Motzie, TextRecruit
  • Candidate Assessment Tools such as TalentSorter, Weirdly
  • Video Recruiting Tools like HireVue, Spark Hire
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Tools like Sisense, Tableau
  • Recruiting Chatbots such as Job Pal, Mya
  • Social Recruiting Tools like Hootsuite, LinkedIn Talent Solutions

Key Takeaways:

  • Recruiters need to hire the perfect candidates for their given job role in their company, and ATS software usually helps with that
  • ATS is a must for all SMBs but it is not enough - companies also need to invest in other tools that work alongside the ATS system

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