A Guide To Creating A New Digital Playbook

Published on 11 Nov 2021

Digital Playbook

This era, like previous digital trends, is distinguished by major transformations. It began with digital natives such as Casper, Warby Parker, and Dollar Shave Club, who leveraged digital consumer experiences to challenge established businesses. They transformed consumer preferences and upped the bar on customer experience by concentrating on exceptional digital experiences. Some conventional companies have spotted the writing on the wall and are shifting to prioritize digital. Other historic firms that are unable to turn quickly enough have already vanished.

Strategies that have helped firms succeed in the past may not necessarily help them succeed in the future. To thrive in the digital-first age, companies must develop a new playbook that emphasizes digital proficiency and speed.

Digital is the new front entrance for your company. It alters how you communicate with consumers as well as how they interact with your brand. So, how can businesses adapt their digital strategies to these changes? Which digital trends are the most significant? To deliver you the knowledge you need to manage digital trends and succeed in the digital-first era, we consulted with industry experts and relied on our own experience working with top companies.

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The following are the trends that businesses should consider when they develop their new digital playbook:

  • Content is still king, but it no longer reigns alone. Brands need an enterprise-wide content strategy that provides consumers with material that is real, engaging, and relevant to them in the moment and on their preferred channel. Changes in the way people seek information raise the stakes even higher.
  • Emerging technologies, particularly machine learning and voice applications, are altering the way we create and deliver digital experiences. Companies must mix experimentation with a strategic investment plan that connects technology to consumers and business value in order to flourish. New channels continue to emerge, and investing in future-proof technological solutions is important.
  • Tech stacks help companies to create better digital experiences more quickly. Companies are turning away from suites and toward flexible tech stacks that give the speed, scalability, and limitless integration options required to stay up.
  • Creating compelling digital experiences requires a customer-centric strategy. Customers are tired of the dazzling one-time digital experiences that captivated their attention in the past. They desire experiences that are both useful and valuable. Companies must leverage technology to get a deep understanding of their consumers and provide meaningful value, all while keeping a consistent brand voice and identity.


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