Buyer’s guide to an all-in-one IT support and management

Published on 26 Dec 2022

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IT may be difficult to manage and maintain in today's fluid environment. Many help desk teams have gathered many tools to complete the job, but balancing point solutions is challenging while providing excellent experiences and preventing cyberthreats.

This buyer's guide may assist you in choosing the finest IT solution for your company, preferably one that allows you to consolidate and accomplish more with less. With over two decades of expertise, GoTo understands how to make IT simple anywhere, with technologies strong enough for the business yet designed for SMBs.

How to Select the Best Solution

At GoTo, we think that flexible-work software should help you, not hinder you and that this includes IT support and management technology.

To assist you in finding the greatest match for your SMB, we have highlighted the five most critical elements to consider while assessing solutions:

1. Fundamental functionality

While several point solutions provide one or two characteristics that contemporary help desks need to facilitate flexible work, managing and working with numerous tools might be difficult. Look for a system that integrates the tools your team relies on the most to manage, triage, and support — and, ultimately, to provide a smooth employee support experience.

Remote assistance

Providing immediate, reliable IT help in real time keeps workers and organizations productive. Seek a solution that accelerates resolutions, beginning with a quick, frictionless join flow to see and control an end user's screen. All the tools an agent needs to execute their work, such as system diagnostics, reboot/reconnect, and file transfer, should be at their fingertips.

2. Efficiency

Employee experience is important in a competitive employment market.

Consider how readily your agents can utilize their tools and how quickly staff may get assistance.

Ticketing via conversation

Today's work takes place in chat tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack, so it makes sense to incorporate assistance where employees work. Look for a system that allows workers to submit a ticket and get updates as easily as sending a conversation and allows help desk professionals to assist from inside your messaging platform. This allows you to manage, reply to, act on, and address concerns in one location.

3. Safety

Security is a primary priority, with cyber threats on the increase. Make sure that every technology you employ helps you safeguard your users and company by closing vulnerabilities and keeping bad actors out.

Controls for zero-trust access

It's no secret that hackers can wreak havoc once they get access to an IT system. A zero-trust approach to RMM demands anybody and everything attempting to connect to its systems to confirm their identity before giving access. Endpoints never blindly trust, providing the peace of mind that only authorized users create and operate automation.

4. Reliability

When your company is dependent on technology, you must be able to rely on your IT tools. Ascertain that your solution can be relied on to operate and expand with your company, allowing you to keep your users up and running while readily handling fluctuations in growth.

Consistent uptime

Downtime is not an option in a fast-paced company. When choosing a solution, keep uptime in mind. Anything less than 99.9% uptime is dangerous. Some claim 99.99% uptime, which is nearly unrivaled in dependability.

Licensing flexibility

Prepare to expand, grow, and bend to meet your company's future IT demands. Your system should be scalable enough to manage additional agents and users while maintaining dependability, availability, and performance.

5. Model of deployment

Check that your solution supplier provides true cloud-based technologies for simplicity of implementation and usage. On-premise companies may seek to host their solutions and promote them as cloud-based alternatives to preserve market share. If it's not genuinely cloud-based, you'll have to deal with sluggish software, extra hardware upkeep, and several other issues. Also, bear in mind that end users are often skeptical about downloads. Camera sharing and remote view should be available immediately and without the need for a download.

You just need one solution.

These characteristics and functions may be obtained using various techniques, but this rapidly becomes difficult. Everything you need to support IT at your firm is available in one easy-to-use, simple-to-manage package. Suppose you're presently juggling tools that aren't completely meeting the demands of your SMB or elevating the employee experience. In that case, it's time to find a solution that allows you to accomplish more with less.


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