Empowering the future of work

Published on 30 Sep 2022

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This transformation prompted firms to adopt a "work-from-anywhere" mentality, sometimes known as a "remote-first" mentality. The "work from anywhere" mentality is when firms alter their mentality to treat remote and location-based workers equally, regardless of where they work.

This mentality enables workers to do exactly what it says on the tin: work from any place as if they were in a regular office atmosphere. By adopting a "work from anywhere" mentality, individuals and companies may gain a great deal of freedom; this method of working has become widespread, and people no longer see it as a perk.

Despite this fairly fast and pressured shift towards a "work from anywhere" mentality, it produces extremely desired advantages for enterprises in most circumstances. Firms may improve staff health, productivity, and efficiency if properly implemented.

Consequently, how can businesses expedite their hybrid work strategy?

You may empower your future workforce by implementing the appropriate technology to support hybrid and remote work. This is not a simple task. The appropriate technology provides firms with the capabilities necessary to implement flexible working models and flourish in them.

Based on independent research commissioned by Dell Technologies, Intel, and VMware, this report investigates what hybrid working means to enterprises worldwide and how IT decision-makers see this massive transition away from the conventional office setting.

Defining and implementing hybrid work

Many firms were caught off guard by the rapid digital transformation and the transition to a "work from anywhere" ethos. Most companies were not designed to permit remote labor on such a large scale and for an extended time. In terms of where, when, and how firms operate, as well as how their future workforce will be developed, the abrupt transition resulted in a significant transformation in organizational culture.

This transition sometimes referred to as "hybrid working," is being approached in various unique ways by various companies. According to a global study of IT decision-makers, its meaning varies.

Global enterprises have been acutely aware of a new working method due to digital transformation. The shift toward working from anywhere has prompted a revolution in their operations, allowing for borderless creativity and cooperation, and it is here to stay.

It has fundamentally altered how most employers support their staff, which cannot be overlooked. Flexible working is no longer seen as a perk by employees; it is a need and a competitive advantage for recruiting and maintaining the finest personnel.

Firms must embrace technology and successfully implement a "work from anywhere" philosophy. At the basis of any hybrid working, the strategy should be the ability to provide workers with seamless access to the data, tools, and resources they need to execute their jobs, regardless of where they are working.

Regardless of the strategy used for hybrid working, empowering the workforce with contemporary technology yields vital and practical advantages, including increased employee happiness and productivity.

While the trip to flexible working is only starting for some, organizations that rethink their approach to IT with flexible, secure, and responsive technology are ready to flourish and excel beyond their competition.

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