Everything To Know About Customer Journey Analytics

Published on 12 Apr 2023

Customer Journey Analytics

Each consumer has a unique narrative. Every tale contains a voyage. And, customer journey analytics is a voyage that describes your consumers' positive and negative interactions with your brand.

Consumers today navigate increasingly complex journeys across an expanding number of channels. They contribute diverse motivations and anticipations to each interaction. Most organizations need help to see how these interactions connect, overlap, and influence the consumer experience.

Your consumers desire that you learn their backstory. Their narratives can be revealed only when brands synthesize and comprehend consumer journeys across channels and over time. Advanced analytics must be applied holistically to shape the customer journey into world-class customer experiences.

Customer Journey Analytics by NICE Nexidia provides potent omnichannel analytics that brings your customers' stories to life.

Why NICE Nexidia?

Filter Irrelevant Data

Integrating AI helps filter out irrelevant data, highlight relevant insights, and speedily identify and address the reasons for problematic trips.

The Best of Analytics

By allowing less "tech-savvy" business people to take benefit of complex analytics, an accessible user interface reduces analyst bottlenecks and speeds up decision-making.

Seamlessly Translate Customer Data To Business Insights

Connecting and analyzing millions of data points at the size of your organization, Customer Journey Analytics can speed up the translation of customer data into business insights. With the use of integrated BI, analysts have almost endless leeway in exploiting your data across any customer touchpoints.

Use Nexidia Analytics For Deployment

You won't find another product on the market that can analyze your structured and unstructured data at both the macro and micro levels like Nexidia Analytics’s JourneyOne can.

Understanding The Journey Excellence Score

The Journey Excellence Score is a metric for evaluating the excellence of your customer service.

Measuring the customer journey is essential for customer experience management. With our groundbreaking new statistic, the Journey Excellence Score (JES), Customer Journey Analytics fulfills the promise of omnichannel analytics. Customer Journey Analytics collects and analyzes data from all of your customers' interactions, whether over the phone, online, mobile, via email, live chat, or in person. 

A higher score represents a more satisfying overall customer experience along that path, with scores closer to 100 indicating the best possible service. Hundreds of variables from multi-touchpoint interactions are combined with customer feedback and survey results to produce the Journey Excellence Score. 

The Experience Excellence Score utilizes AI and machine learning to foretell the likelihood that a certain experience will result in a complaint or cancellation. Then it highlights the exact areas in need of improvement. This quantitative analysis can help you rapidly identify and eliminate the reasons for poor customer service, cut down on needless call volumes, identify bottlenecks in your processes, and ultimately provide your customers with a flawless experience.

Comprehensive Customer Engagement Analytics Solutions from NICE Nexidia

By providing full-spectrum business insights for best-in-class customer experiences across the board, NICE Nexida's Customer Engagement Analytics platform is the complete solution to customer analytics currently on the market.

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