Groyyo's Success Story with greytHR's Automation

Published on 03 Apr 2024

Payroll with greytHR

Groyyo has emerged as a pioneering force in the rapidly evolving manufacturing sector, aiming to revolutionize the industry by empowering over 20 million manufacturing MSMEs across Asia. Positioned at the heart of Mumbai, India, and boasting a workforce of more than 200 employees, Groyyo stands as the world’s first manufacturer-first automation platform. The challenge of scaling their operations and managing a growing team necessitated a robust, scalable payroll solution. This whitepaper details Groyyo’s journey with greytHR, showcasing how they harnessed powerful automation capabilities to streamline their payroll process, enhance compliance, and save significant time on administrative tasks.

The quest for a dynamic and scalable payroll solution led Groyyo to greytHR, a platform initially familiar to Harshavardhan, a senior payroll associate at Groyyo from a previous role. Embracing greytHR for its comprehensive HRMS capabilities, Groyyo found it to be a tool for payroll management and a partner in organizational growth.

Revolutionizing Employee Onboarding and Payroll Management

GreytHR redefined the employee onboarding and payroll management landscape at Groyyo. Before greytHR, setting up new hires was cumbersome, involving manual data entry and salary calculations. This not only delayed the onboarding process but also introduced a margin for error in salary structuring.

The introduction of greytHR marked a significant turning point. With its intuitive salary structure feature, greytHR automated the breakdown of salary components based on the entered cost to the company (CTC). This feature not only eliminated the need for manual calculations but also ensured accuracy and transparency in salary breakdowns, contributing to employee satisfaction from the get-go.

Furthermore, greytHR’s Excel bulk upload feature streamlined the population of employee data, enabling the HR team at Groyyo to onboard new hires with unprecedented speed and efficiency. This automation significantly reduced the administrative burden on the HR team, allowing them to focus on more strategic aspects of their role.

Navigating Compliance with Precision and Ease

Compliance is a critical aspect of payroll management, often fraught with complexities and regulatory hurdles. Groyyo’s commitment to regulatory compliance was met with challenges, from generating Form 16 and 24Q to managing PF-ECR reporting. The manual handling of these compliance requirements was not only time-consuming but also prone to errors, posing significant risks.

Enter greytHR, which has advanced compliance features that streamline the entire compliance process. The platform’s one-click PF-ECR reporting and automated generation of Form 16 and 24Q documents revolutionized how Groyyo managed compliance. This automation ensured accuracy, timeliness, and compliance with regulatory requirements, significantly reducing the risks associated with manual processing.

Streamlined Document Generation and Reporting

The generation of employee-related documents and reporting posed a significant challenge for Groyyo, consuming considerable time and resources. Before greytHR, producing documents like appraisal letters or exit formalities involved a manual, error-prone process that required extensive HR involvement.

With greytHR, Groyyo experienced a revolutionary change in document generation. The platform’s template-based letter generation feature automated the creation of various HR letters and documents. Once a template was selected, greytHR auto-populated the necessary employee data, drastically reducing the time and effort required for document generation. This automation not only streamlined HR processes but also ensured a high level of accuracy and personalization in employee communications.

Unmatched Data Processing Speed and Support

GreytHR’s capability to quickly process data, from payroll to income tax statements, established it as a leading choice for HRMS software. The platform’s efficient data handling ensures that Groyyo can manage its payroll and related processes within minutes, not hours.

Additionally, greytHR’s Help Desk provides Groyyo with the support needed to navigate any challenges, ensuring minimal downtime and efficient resolution of complex cases. For instance, navigating payroll can sometimes pose challenges, but with greytHR's trained Help Desk, support is always available. Groyyo gets prompt responses, typically within an hour. In more complex cases, the wait time doesn't exceed 3 to 5 hours, ensuring one is never blocked for more than half a day.


Groyyo’s partnership with greytHR has been transformative, significantly impacting its payroll management processes. By leveraging greytHR’s automation capabilities, Groyyo saved valuable time and resources and enhanced its compliance and reporting functions. This case study exemplifies how technology and automation can play a pivotal role in scaling operations and driving business growth in the manufacturing sector.


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