How to Engage and Retain Customers Through the Use of Contemporary Digital Products

Published on 15 Feb 2022

Digital Products

Consumers do product research, make purchases, contact customer support, and engage in loyalty programs through a variety of digital platforms. They expect businesses to give consistent tailored experiences across devices and will swiftly go to a competitor's site if brands fall short.

Even established businesses are investing in digital-first direct-to-consumer strategies and supporting technologies. Modern technology stacks enable businesses to pioneer digital experiences for customers and even merge them into physical retail experiences.

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How Bang & Olufsen Is Accelerating Its E-commerce Growth

Bang & Olufsen is the market leader in high-end audiovisual design and production.

For almost 90 years, the Danish brand has been refining speakers, headphones, and TVs – currently reaching consumers via 700+ storefronts and several online platforms. Their previous monolithic e-commerce and content management system was falling behind. All of that has changed with the introduction of a microservice stack centered on Contentful.

Leica Microsystems Use Contentful To Significantly Boost The Speed Of Its Mobile Application

Fast Fwd was contacted by Leica Microsystems with the request to design an iPad application that would expose researchers and life sciences students to confocal microscopy methodologies and technology. The app required to give users access to a library of critical technical papers and practical product knowledge, all of which needed to be supplemented by high-quality pictures. The app's first version utilized Wordpress as its mobile backend, however owing to a number of restrictions, it was subsequently rebuilt on the Contentful platform.

Beauty Bay Maintains An Agile E-commerce Infrastructure

Beauty Bay is the biggest independent online retailer of beauty products in Europe. The company's website manages a large volume of material, including over 10,000 goods from more than 200 manufacturers, an online magazine, and customer images.

As the firm expanded, some of the company's outdated technologies were unable to sustain the agility necessary to increase the website's size. The site published and managed material using a variety of systems, including an ERP and corporate search, and editors were required to wait at least 24 hours before seeing updates. The team achieved much faster velocity by combining Contentful with a contemporary e-commerce platform, Attraqt, using a novel microservices strategy.

The site update procedure has been reduced from 24 hours to 10 minutes, and new pages are now deployed in less than 40 minutes. The team's next step is to migrate their online magazine to Contentful and begin integrating premium editorial content into the shopping experience.

ASICS / AQ Makes Marathon Racing More Entertaining

ASICS tasked digital agency AQ with the task of developing a companion app for marathon runners. Before, during, and after a race, the app gave beneficial recommendations and critical logistical information. AQ overcame a number of content-related obstacles when designing the app. Aldo evolves from a brick-and-mortar company to a worldwide tastemaker

As the Aldo Group developed online, they need a content management system (CMS) capable of scaling with them. The Aldo Group's e-commerce and retail operations are heavily reliant on content, and they were worried about losing time while making content adjustments. Along with reducing publication time, they need a system with versioning capabilities.

This was impeding digital activities such as dynamic content, bivariate testing, and personalization.

For a corporation that values customer information and provides customized experiences to its customers, these digital initiative hurdles were important. The Aldo Group need a solution that was both resilient and adaptable enough to accompany them on their digital journey. When announced plans to establish a new website, the Aldo Group noticed an opportunity to experiment. They had a few specific criteria for their content solution: a comprehensive feature set, security, ease of installation, and an impeccable reputation.

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