Customer Satisfaction With Better App Delivery

Published on 06 Jun 2022

Better App Delivery, Customer Satisfaction

Your clients anticipate a consistent application experience at all times. They will go elsewhere if doing business with you is difficult. Modernizing your apps might help you provide better service to your clients, but it also adds complexity to your application delivery. Here are some ways Citrix may enhance your client experience while also simplifying application delivery administration.

Improve your application delivery to provide a positive experience for your clients.

To drive growth, organizations are shifting to digital business models. As a result, improving the digital experience for consumers is a primary goal. Delivering safe, dependable apps is a critical component of the client experience. However, this might be difficult to do when your apps are hosted both on-premises and in the public cloud. The more diverse your environment, the more probable it is that you may have issues with app speed, transaction throughput, and latency.

The influence of application performance on the customer experience

You may have acquired point solutions to address application delivery issues as they arise. You've most certainly amassed a portfolio of technologies that each address one problem while causing a slew of others.

The more solutions you utilize, the more difficult it may be to manage application delivery properly. And the complexity increases when you have apps hosted both on-premises and on the public cloud. The absence of uniform administration between on-premises and cloud settings is a significant application delivery barrier. IT personnel, in particular, lack visibility and unified policy administration via a single pane of glass. Here are some of the difficulties you may encounter while managing application distribution across hybrid environments:


  • Technologies will not merge, posing IT management difficulties.


  • Due to latencies and other performance concerns, the end-user experience worsens.


  • Your company's quickness and agility are lacking.


  • If you don't have the time to maintain all of your applications and keep up with fixes, your security is jeopardized.


  • Your IT staff will devote much too much time to manual activities and far too little time to essential business objectives.

Another problem is learning the skills required to handle various goods. When you connect with a new vendor, you must ensure that your personnel is educated or qualified in the goods of that vendor. Acquiring the necessary skills might take time even for the most experienced IT teams.

The business case for optimizing application delivery

Using an integrated solution allows you to maximize application delivery while reducing manual, error-prone operations. Whether you provide applications via the cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid of the two, the correct solution may substantially enhance your end-user experience. When you collaborate with a single vendor that meets all of your requirements, you can:

  • Maintain the security of your apps and APIs.


  • Gain total control over the distribution of your application.


  • Improve your customer experience by reducing latency concerns.


  • Improve your agility and speed.


  • Increase your efficiency and free up time for other projects.


  • Get more out of a tight IT expenditure.

However, in order to accomplish these goals, you must choose a system that decreases operational complexity while providing complete security.

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