Why It Pays To Use Electronic Signature

Published on 28 Aug 2020

The business world is moving rapidly to online transactions as businesses of all sizes transform from inefficient, costly, paper based processes to digital contracts, agreements, approvals, and other processes via electronic signature, a.k.a. digital eSignatures. Companies are taking advantage of the enormous time and cost savings that are possible when eSignatures are used for sales agreements, new-hire processing, invoicing, product management, customer work orders, service contracts, home mortgage documents, tax forms, event registrations, security sign-ins, and much more. 

Greater Customer Satisfaction and Employee Productivity

 In today’s intensely competitive marketplace, businesses across industries are looking for new and better ways to engage customers. Given the wide use of smartphones, tablets, mobile apps, and one-click purchasing, it’s simply not enough to provide a “good-enough” user experience. You need to find ways to delight your customers across every channel of engagement by streamlining the entire customer experience. Satisfied customers mean repeat business and referrals, both of which can impact your bottom line. DocuSign’s impact on customer satisfaction can be huge. 

For example, First Tech Federal Credit Union increased its Net Promoter Score (NPS) by 10 percent, while Wyndham Hotel Group achieved a 12 percent increase in retention after implementing DocuSign. At a leading HR staffing and recruiting firm, DocuSign helped improve the candidate intake process NPS score from -3 percent to +64 percent. A dramatic improvement in a business critical process. The speed and convenience of eSignatures also means greater productivity for employees and partners. It’s the same whether you’re a small business selling a consumer product or service, or a large enterprise company with complex supply and distribution chains. 

 Higher Close Rates and Sales Productivity 

Digitizing sales processes speeds sales cycles and improves win rates. Waiting for paper documents to be signed and returned can slow the sales cycle to a crawl. Worse, it gives customers the opportunity to change their minds and take their business elsewhere. Smart sales organizations know that you need to strike while the iron is hot. With digital agreements, customers can sign agreements anytime, anywhere—in the office, at home, or on the road. For example, Comcast Business Services was able to increase its close rates by 30 percent by using DocuSign. A leading insurance company was able to more than double its call center close rate selling a premium product, which generated an incremental $20 million in annual revenue.

Mobile-Friendly Process 

Customers and employees are increasingly mobile, and with the widespread adoption of smart devices, people expect to be able to conduct transactions wherever they are and whenever they want. DocuSign supports transactions across all types of Internet Connected devices, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

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