Planning and Execution in a Changing World

Published on 29 Apr 2023

Workday Adaptive Planning

The ability to adapt quickly is crucial for success in an unstable world. However, in today's world, when economic circumstances may change in an instant, the planning processes of yesteryear are no longer applicable.

Continual, all-encompassing, and team-based planning procedures are essential for businesses to succeed. Organizations in the financial services sector may benefit from a more streamlined reporting process and timely access to data and analytics in an active planning setting.

Worldwide research, "Organizational Agility at Scale: The Key to Driving Digital Growth," found that executives in the financial services industry recognize the importance of agility to their company's long-term performance but that attaining it would involve structural changes, such as deliberate planning. Financial services executives can only guarantee that all relevant parties are included in the planning process by deliberate action. Financial services companies may use the predictive power of machine learning and AI with careful strategic planning.

Planning is useful in every aspect of a company, from budgeting and sales forecasting to staffing and project management. However, finance is in the greatest position to synchronize planning throughout the business and check that execution aligns with strategy since it serves as the central repository for all corporate data.

Preparation and follow-through are key

Many companies are at a crossroads as the business environment becomes increasingly dynamic and complicated. However, a dramatic change is coming to businesses' strategic planning, operationalization, and evaluation approach.

To succeed in the future, financial services companies must eliminate the silos that have developed between strategy development and actual implementation. This is crucial to adapt to the ever-shifting business climate and adopt a more agile approach to doing business.

Organizations that want to increase their agility must adopt a new model of business agility, in which planning and execution merge into a single discipline: a continuous, closed feedback loop including all four stages of the agility improvement process (planning, execution, analysis, and adjustment).

When a select group of powerful decision-makers engages in planning, the results are certain to be subpar. The more individuals get on board for better planning, the more successful the firm will be. However, it is different from how most companies prepare.

The competitive landscape is changing fast, necessitating adjustments in how businesses of all sizes develop, plan, and implement their operational plans. It's crucial because adopting a new strategy can provide incalculable benefits and because staying stagnant might spell doom.

Every day, AI and machine learning gain more ground in the commercial world worldwide. Automated, algorithmic what-if scenario planning will rapidly mature from a cutting-edge tool to an industry norm.

Workday adaptive planning allows for continuous planning, execution, and analysis.

There are a lot of moving parts in the financial services business that must be considered throughout the planning and implementation phases. You need a system that integrates planning and execution across all dimensions, whether those dimensions concern people, headcount, or revenue.

The budgeting, planning, and reporting features of Workday adaptive planning include completely integrated visibility into P&L and cash flow, as well as multidimensional, driver-based modeling capabilities. With this simple but robust solution, businesses of any size in the financial services industry can better cooperate, see the big picture with real-time analytics, and simplify complicated reporting to plan and adjust with agility.

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