Six stories of successful cloud migrations

Published on 24 Jul 2023

cloud migration

Gartner says that organizations are increasingly taking a "cloud-first" approach, which is a trend that is getting faster. By 2025, it's expected that more than 85% of businesses will use this approach, reflecting the growing importance of cloud migration in the business landscape. The reason for this change is the increasing competitive pressures caused by the way technology is always changing. As customers keep wanting more personalized and easy-to-use interactions, cloud-based solutions have become the best way for businesses to stay competitive and up-to-date.

But not every cloud is the same, and businesses need to choose a cloud-based orchestration platform that fits their wants and goals, supporting their cloud migration strategies. This platform should have a lot of freedom, scalability, and reliability so that every step of the customer experience (CX) can be managed and put together well during the cloud migration process. This includes interactions that go smoothly across all communication platforms so that customers have the same good experience no matter which channels they use at any given time.

In the chapters that follow, the success stories of six businesses are told, showing how they used the Genesys platform to move to the cloud quickly and efficiently in just 10 weeks, which is an impressively short amount of time for cloud migration. By using Genesys, these companies made big changes to their customer service departments, making them more efficient, productive, and, most importantly, better at making customers and employees happy through successful cloud migration. The adoption of cloud-based solutions allowed them to keep up with customer expectations, enhance their operational capabilities, and remain agile in a fast-paced and ever-changing business environment.


Rabobank, a well-known cooperative bank in the Netherlands, is a great example. Its main goal is to help society in a good way through its financial services. Even though the bank wanted to give its customers a great experience, it needed help doing so because of its separate on-premises systems, such as its old Genesys and Cisco systems. Because of these problems, it was hard for the bank's contact center teams to move calls between branches, get a unified view of users, and get useful real-time data. The problems were made worse by the complexity of important needs like IP telephony, routing, reporting, voice recording, and CRM system interaction, requiring expert cloud migration services to overcome these challenges.

Getting into the system

As a way to get around these problems and embrace a cloud-first approach, Rabobank realized it needed to switch to a cloud-first approach and chose the Genesys Cloud CX platform for cloud migration. The bank's goal was to create a new conversational banking service model that put customer value and bank value first, and cloud migration with Genesys Cloud CX proved to be the right solution. This choice fit in perfectly with that goal, providing the necessary cloud-based infrastructure and capabilities to achieve their customer-centric objectives. 

The platform allowed for a matrix-based approach to customer journeys, where the focus shifted from "Time well saved" for day-to-day tasks to "Time well spent" when human interactions were important for high effect, aligning with the bank's cloud migration strategy to enhance the customer experience and meet customer expectations. By leveraging Genesys Cloud CX for cloud migration, Rabobank successfully transformed its banking service model and delivered a more personalized and efficient customer experience, leveraging the power of cloud-based solutions to drive customer satisfaction and business success.

Changing over 80 sections without a hitch

The process of moving started with the successful launch of private banking units, which were used by 600 people at the same time in 88 days, leveraging cloud migration services. The same thing was done in each of the organization's more than 80 areas, as Rabobank utilized cloud migration services to ensure a seamless and efficient transition. Rabobank moved all of its 15,000 advisors, including 5,000 front-office workers and 10,000 back-office or branch workers, in just nine months, with the support of cloud migration services and minimal external resources. This amazing task was mostly done in-house, highlighting the bank's dedication to a smooth and successful cloud migration journey.

During this change process, Rabobank met its goal of having no problems, losing features, or interrupting customer service, thanks to the careful planning and implementation of cloud migration services. The bank is now more customer-focused and has three main ways for customers to reach them: web messaging, talk, and video, all enabled through cloud migration services. These channels are designed to meet customers' different wants and preferences, ensuring that all interactions are smooth, efficient, and considerate, reflecting Rabobank's commitment to delivering a superior customer experience through its cloud migration strategy.

Useful use of bots and videos together

With the successful integration of virtual assistants running on Microsoft Power Virtual Agents and Genesys Cloud CX through cloud data migration, Rabobank gave its advisors the power to deliver exceptional customer service and seamlessly switch to video chats when needed. This combination of technologies makes it possible for the bank to set up about 15,000 video calls with customers every month, leveraging cloud data migration for efficient and secure data transfer. 

These video calls are especially helpful for emotionally important events like buying a house or dealing with a death, enabling Rabobank to offer personalized and empathetic support to their customers during such critical moments. Through the strategic utilization of cloud data migration and cutting-edge technologies, Rabobank has transformed its customer interactions, creating a more meaningful and efficient engagement experience.


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