GMC Sierra Denali EV Launched

Published on 29 Oct 2022

GMC, Sierra, Denali, EV, Launched

General Motors launched the all-electric GMC Sierra Denali pickup truck on Thursday, the latest model in the automaker's push to reach a worldwide annual sales goal of 1 million electrified cars by 2025.

The GMC Sierra Denali EV isn't GM's first electric truck or SUV to ride on the new Ultium platform. It is the brand's third battery-electric vehicle, after the GMC Hummer pickup and SUV models.

However, given that Sierra's internal combustion engine is GMC's best-selling model, it may be a highlight for the brand.

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What’s New In The GMC Sierra Denali EV

While the GMC Sierra EV has the same name and some of the same stylings as its ICE cousin, this is not a retrofit.

"It's not like we're taking the vehicle and putting a battery in it," GMC Sierra product manager Tom Namovich told TechCrunch. "Yet again, we're employing the Ultrium concept, the combined cab and box design comparable to that of the Hummer pickup, and expanding it with additional technologically significant features.”

The full-size truck will go up against the Ford F-150 Lightning. GMC will launch the car with a high-end Denali Edition 1 variant beginning at $107,000 in early 2024. For the 2025 model year, the Sierra Denali will be available in two trim levels: AT4 and Elevation. GMC said that further truck variants would be announced closer to production, with prices beginning at $50,000. The F-150 Lightning, introduced in April, has a starting price of $47,000 and a peak price of over $100,000 for the "Platinum Extended Range" variant.

The Specifications of GMC Sierra Denali EV

In Max Power mode, the Sierra Denali Edition 1 EV produces an evaluated 754 horsepower and a 785 pound-feet of torque. It will accelerate from 0 to 60 miles every hour in 4.5 seconds and has an estimated range of 400 miles. It can also pull up to 9,500 pounds; the range while towing at capacity is unknown.

The Sierra EV will also have an onboard power station with up to 10.2 kW of electricity, transforming the vehicle into a mobile power source in several conditions. When equipped with a bi-directional charger and options from GM Energy's new Ultium Home line, the truck can power a home's "basic requirements" for 21 days, according to the firm.

The Sierra EV will be available in all trim levels with an 800-volt design capable of rapid charging up to 350 kilowatts. That implies that some rapid chargers may provide around 100 miles of range to the battery in about 10 minutes.

Like its Hummer EV cousin, the Sierra EV will have four-wheel steering and "crab walk" capacity, according to Namovich, who added that the business has also developed the regen braking on-demand technology.

A 16.8-inch touchscreen is included inside the Denali Edition 1. The infotainment system will be powered by Google's Android Automotive operating system, which consists of all of Google's integrated services as Assistant.

The Denali Edition will also have GM's hands-free advanced driving assistance technology, Super Cruise.


Featured image: GMC


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